Crime Scene Basics.

1 1/2 - 2 hours. Fun, interactive workshop to teach the basics of forensic evidence collection. Participants study blood spatter, collect fibers, hair, and fingerprints from each other in order to solve a murder case. (No jail time required!)

Never Trust a Hollywood Director. 

1 - 2 Hours

What TV and movies get wrong about a crime scene that you should not in your manuscript.

J.D. will come to speak

to your group.

          Workshops offered:

What Am I?

1 hour

A Serial killers who's who from history. Participants learn the difference between Mass, Serial, and Spree killers by exploring specific cases. They will also go over some other basic terms often misused in fiction.

CSI for writer's full course.

4 - 6 hours

A combination of two or more of the classes above making a partial or all-day workshop. Lots of laughs and goodies in all the workshops.

Pitch Perfect

1 1/2 - 2 hours

Big conference coming up?  You group may have several members pitching their dream agent or editor in person. This is a pitching workshops, not creating pitches. I want to help with your nerves, to help you put your work on display, not your public speaking abilities. Includes basic conference safety tips we tend to forget when at a large conference.

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