Documenting the Unimaginable: Crime Scene Investigations after Mass Shootings

when the smoke clears, and the dead are counted—what then?

Know Whereabouts 2017 

The Future of Getting Arrested

Controversially, police departments are starting to monitor social media, which many gangs have embraced as a vehicle for branding and boasting. By searching for specific keywords and mapping interactions among individual users, law-enforcement agencies can keep track of suspected gang members, and identify bubbling gang rivalries. They can also infiltrate networks by posting under aliases and “friending” suspects.



Mass, Serial, and Spree Killlers

December 2015, 11th. 1:00 - 3:00

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February 22nd - 27th

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July 6th to 10th

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Writer's Police Academy

August 10th - 14th

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Bouchercon 2

October 11th- 15th  

Toronto, Cananda

Magna Cum Murder

October 19th - 23rd

Indianapolis, IN


Wearing your Alibi

Technology does more than count your calories.

Buying Justice: Myth Or Reality?
"The attorney...said he could probably have the sentence reduced to probation or home confinement if the defendant could somehow find another $25,000."

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