Hanging with NC State Troopers at the

Writer's Police Academy.


J.D. Allen

Age:  Old enough to know better.

Height:  5 foot 3 of gritty attitude.

Hair Color:  Some shade of red. Subject to change with the seasons.

Eye color: Blue or maybe greenish.

Unusual Characteristics: Dyslexic, dragonfly tattoos, known to hoard pens.


J.D. had a normal happy childhood traveling the country with her Air Force father. She was in Texas several years after he passed. Longing for trees and following a suspicious male, she moved to the mid west. She attended The Ohio State University and earned a degree in forensic anthropology and a creative writing minor.

Over the years, she's worked in a morgue, as a midnight gas station attendant, used car salesmen, and a software testing project manager. In 2007, J.D. disappeared from her normal corporate environment and began a secret mission to infiltrate the writing and publishing industry.

She's published in several genres. But is most excited about getting her stories about PI's, cops, bounty hunters, and serial killers out of her head. 

She's taught other writers the basics of crime scene investigation, what Hollywood gets wrong in forensics, writing skills, the art of public speaking, and pitching a manuscript.

Be On The Look Out.